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Posted on 2030.01.01 at 01:00
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Personal entries will be friend locked; any game or art related entries will be open for public viewing.
Thus, if I don't know you I probably wont friend you; since your intentions will be to look at musings and not my personal life.
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[FFXI]The starting of something big...

Posted on 2008.03.13 at 12:53
I feel that I could put together a pretty comprehensive beastmaster guide, it'll take some research on my part but I think it'd be okay.

So you want to be a Beastmaster...
A guide by Ariannas
Version 1.0
So, you've decided that its time to see what the life of a Beastmaster is like. Whether you're a level 75 or just level 30 the job is quite challenging to those who don't read up about it.

Unfortunately, finding detailed info about most aspects of the job are scattered and in some cases filled with "eliest" and old opinions about the job. Thus I'll try to be as neutral as possible!

Starting Out
Once you hit level 30 travel to - You know, for the time being I'm just going to leave the quests out since they are easy to find information which every ffxi database site has, so... carry on

Levels 1-10
Job abilities:
Charm - allows you to charm a monster, technical stuff
Familiar - 2 hour ability, does stuff

Important tips:
The pet ability menu is very important to the job. You can access it through the ability menu or by pressing ctrl+b on the keyboard (My duoing partner didn't figure that shortcut out until level 74)
You can macro all your abilities to avoid pulling up menus.

All beastmaster macros follow the same format:
/ja "Charm"

Additionally you can add text to the macros like so:
/echo I'm charming !

Echo is important as it allows you to send text to only yourself. However, when duoing with other beastmaster I find it handy to keep as many /party macros as it gives a better idea of who is doing what.

I'll be blunt, leveling up until level 35 is very slow if you try to do it traditional beastmaster since you don't have the ability to release monsters which you have charmed. This leaves you the option of either zoning or killing off pets.

What I suggest is: test out the job as much as you can before 10. Charming DC-EM monsters and powering through EP-DC monsters.
Then move on to just powering through EP/DC without pets, and getting the random xp party until the 30s.

If you want to go the complete solo way, be my guest. I would advise that its easier to just play beastmaster as a melee job til the 30s.

That's all for now~

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