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[FFXI]Beastmaster... the guide

Posted on 2008.03.07 at 12:54
Current Location: Beadeux
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I remembered that when I first started the game I had the motivation on making a guide for everything! I remember doing entire summaries on both San d'Oria and Windurst quest missions, did a beginning white mage guide and various other little things here and there.

Even when I picked up RO for awhile I went and made a whole guide on questing job's special abilities (which eventually got copied without mention of me at all <3 internet).

I've finished beastmaster, tadah! yay! hurray! all that jazz. Alynda and I powered out the last 40k needed to ding in just 3 days... we were able to find a nice camp in Bibiki Bay (which is quite empty as of late) and round up a nice 6-7k/hr xp rate. 75 is a nice closer to yet another job... and now I'm bringing up scholar and either puppetmaster or samurai... it depends on how things work out.

At least they're finally putting in dancer and scholar AF as well as tweaking the jobs abit.

However, back to my original point... debating on writing a comprehensive beastmaster leveling guide. For most of my leveling with a partner choosing xp spots was mainly just picking bits and pieces of solo leveling guides and pulling out the suggestions of which spots work better as duo. Yuck.

I guess since I had Alynda around I was a tad spoiled in the sense that I always had a leveling partner but still.. I think I could make a half decent guide documenting my experiences with the job.

Plus... 90% of beastmaster... just have really sucky gear choices.

Anyway, expect to see that in the future!

By the way... notorious monsters without 100% drop rate suck ass.


[FFXI]Oh Qufim

Posted on 2008.02.19 at 13:49
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
After an interesting drive back home I popped on to level my scholar... hoping to get a level or two.

You never know with Qufim.

I ended up with a few interesting parties, one with a monk/smn who claimed that the combo worked and that he had the right to play as he wanted.... ok.

Ended up with a pissy bard who bitched if she got hit while pulling and ditched the party as soon as one person disbanded. Bleh.

Luckily I was able to grab a few levels of xp and make it to 25. Yay. It's now jungle time for my scholar... should be fun. At least the job is more interesting than red mage was at these levels. Unfortunately I can't stack strategems yet so its alittle disappointing.

It'll be nice once its 37! Hopefully I'm not tempted to level it further. Not sure if I could take another mage job.

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